Wednesday, January 14, 2009

setup a trading network

Has been long time for not blogging here as I need to blog a lot on company's wiki. Anyway, Yesterday, I was trying to setup trading network using sql server 2005 express. This is an experience that I want to share here. The first time, I tried to setup this, I always have an error about unable to retrieve data from PartnerUser. While, indeed this table does not exist in the WM database. I was googling and find that I need to setup a table for DB and of course I did that as someone's advise in some forum (definitely, WM forum).

Setting up tables do not work using a tool DB config. I am not really sure why was it happening and of course, the tables needed are not created. After struggling enough using this tool, I initiated myself to create the tables manually using the scripts which are provided with the distribution of this tool. Yeah, I could make. But.... hold on. There were a new error coming up. What the....... The error saying that it could not find an object named component_event.

I was checking on the WM database, and it was there. I was questioning myself "what's wrong with this expensive and enterprise tool? Is this really an enterprise tool?". I almost gave up. I tried to reinstall all of the stuffs in WM and try to recreate DB. All the things were nothing, just the same error. After long time thinking. I suspected collation problem in the DB. Yeah, indeed this was the culprit. I need to create a new database which collation is case insensitive. After doing this changes, creating script using db config was going so smooth like a charm. Trying to login to trading network is working so smooth as well without any error message.