Monday, July 23, 2012

Transfer Order

If you had an experience of dealing with Maximo 7.5, especially in the part of Transfer Order or Internal Purchase Order, you will notice that Maximo is so freakin slow. To transfer about 1500 assets, you gonna ends up with a hung machine. The figure may be too much for Maximo to transfer. In Maximo, there are 2 activities of Transfer, we call it Transfer Out and Transfer In. We can breakdown the activities of both, to be more detail, but i dont want to share it out here. What i want to share out is that, the slowness of Maximo. I implemented Maximo in AORA, and you know the number of assets to transfer daily can reach about 1500 even more. All the people really got screw up with the slowness. Some more the websphere was restarting by itself because of lacking memory. Digging into the source of Maximo, makes me understand that there is a  Maximo developer who fucks up with the code.

Knowing that, I just modified the Transfer Order process. Streamlining the process as to use excel to perform Transfer Order and let the background process deal with the file will help users' tasks on using Maximo. Besides, having API of Maximo is really helpful in designing your code or doing customization of Maximo. And now, there is no more people of AORA got screwed because of the new design of Transfer Order.

One of the mechanism of Transfer Order that I have changed is related to the way Maximo creates record of invuselinesplit, shipment, shipmentline and matrectrans. Most of you may know what all of these tables for when you perform Transfer Out(Most of these tables are introduced in latest Maximo 7.5), these tables are used most. Maximo 7.5 process the records on the last 3 tables in the same method, which is during status change. Imagine, that you are going to Transfer Out a thousands of records and with the current process, Maximo will populate a thousands and more record in memory. That's y, Transfer Out process takes too much resources and takes too much time for user to complete. I changed the way this Transfer Out process does. So, When user will Transfer Out a thousand of records, the process will populate in the memory for about 20 records, after that, it will save it to DB. In this way, there will no more Out of Memory problem in your Maximo application when you do Transfer Out.

table or view does not exist

Just to share out something about Oracle during implementation of Maximo in my client. I was doing some integration between Maximo and MQ. As there is no clear way of doing integration between Maximo and MQ, we decided to use DB as the endpoint of Maximo integration to MQ. The data is only one way, that is from MQ to Maximo.We use Oracle package which runs every 8 am and 5 pm every day.

The things came up when I created stored procedure from other schema. If we test the query in the schema (not in stored procedure), it was smoothly being executed, but if we apply it in the stored procedure. The stored procedure wont be able to be compiled with error of nonexistence of table. Granting privilege will solve the problem