Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unable to resolve JRE

Have you experienced this message on your eclipse after building your application using maven 2? I experience this problem after building mule source and the following are the things that I did to fix the problem:
# Check your JAVA_HOME to point to jdk instead of jre
# Check your pom.xml to point to the right jre. The following is the figure of my pom.xml which procudes the message above on the pom.xml

This is after the change:

The change that I did is only changing the name of your jre as my jre directory is jre1.5.0_07 and it is located at C:\Java\jre1.5.0_07.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to change maven repository

Well, yes... I experience the problem of not enough space on my drive C.... I believe many people experience the same thing as me. One of the causes is my maven repository is getting bigger and bigger. Yes.. it is the problem when you need to build the source and downloading the dependencies.

To get it changed, what I was thinking is where the configuration of maven located. Then, I was thinking about the installation directory (my maven installation directory is in F:\software\apache-maven-2.0.9). I was suspecting there should be some sort of configuration about this. Just go to the installation directory of maven, and then I found settings.xml inside the conf directory on my maven directory. Open it up and then I found about local repository configuration. The following is a figure of it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soap document Validation on webmethods

Today, I am experiencing the problem of dealing with webmethods on consuming service generated by processing wsdl of JIRA's application. Well, I definitely experience an error message on dealing with this. Here it is: [ISS.0088.9139] Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature:

The above is caused by validation that is done by webmethods after receiving the object during the soap service calling. All the fields on the object will be validated and if the fields' value does not match (even, the value is empty or null). It will complain. It is very annoying if you receive an object which does not have any value or we can say it as null. it keeps poping up an error message as mentioned above.

However, I found weakness of this validation. It seems that webmethods is not trying to match between the object's fields and the document as reference for validation. Thus, if the fields in the object being retrieved does not exist in the document, then there will be no validation being done.

Friday, October 23, 2009

ConfluenceJira integration

It has been so long for not blogging. Yeps, I come back to blog on my integration of Confluence and JIRA using webmethods as the tool. The initialization of the project has been uploaded to my github repository.

In order to integrate between these products of Atlassian. I use webservice which is provided by both Confluence and JIRA. Also, I use email notification which is sent every time certain event is happening on both application. The email notification that I extract the information is email which is generated from add comment and add page. I extract the information from those type of event and integrate Confluence and JIRA.

Let's pick Confluence as an example to describe the way the system that I juscet developed works, You can configure Confluence so that it will notify you when there is someone adding some comment to certain page. When this event happen, then Confluence will send an email notification to the subscriber (Every user can subscribe on certain available space in Confluen). Every certain period of time, the flow service that I developed, will check on the mailbox and then grab the email with certain pattern. If the email notification is adding a page, then the subject of the email will show us that the email is an adding page email. We can see the pattern of the email subject to determine the event being generated in Confluence. After grabbing the email and extract the information, the service will call the webservice of JIRA to create an issue. This process also happens in JIRA wise. When certain event is fired then the email notification will be sent... so on and so forth....

In fetching email from my inbox, I need to create a custom java service as I can not find any service which deals with imap server in developer documentation (I may be missing out some documentation). This custom service does fetch data based on the predefined regular expression and then extract it to be title, space, bodyContent. For detail on the code, it has been uploaded to my guthub repository.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

integrate Confluence and JIRA using webmethods

I am planning to integrate Confluence and JIRA. The basic idea of this integration is every time one of those products get updated, then the update will be taking effect to the other product. The updating that I mean is creating an issue in JIRA, giving a comment in JIRA.

The current thought of this integration is:
1. if user creates an issue in JIRA then Confluence should be created a page with the page content is the same as the description of the issue.
2. if user creates a page in Confluence, JIRA should be created an issue as well.
3. if user add a comment to some page in Confluence, JIRA should be able to get the comment added to the relevant isssue.
4. if user add a comment to some issue in JIRA, Confluence should be able to the the comment added to the relevant page.

The integration tool that I use is webmethods and mule.
On regard of the progress. let's see later on the next post.