Sunday, October 11, 2009

integrate Confluence and JIRA using webmethods

I am planning to integrate Confluence and JIRA. The basic idea of this integration is every time one of those products get updated, then the update will be taking effect to the other product. The updating that I mean is creating an issue in JIRA, giving a comment in JIRA.

The current thought of this integration is:
1. if user creates an issue in JIRA then Confluence should be created a page with the page content is the same as the description of the issue.
2. if user creates a page in Confluence, JIRA should be created an issue as well.
3. if user add a comment to some page in Confluence, JIRA should be able to get the comment added to the relevant isssue.
4. if user add a comment to some issue in JIRA, Confluence should be able to the the comment added to the relevant page.

The integration tool that I use is webmethods and mule.
On regard of the progress. let's see later on the next post.

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Kristanto said...


Ini Kris. Well, it really doesn't matter how you integrate the two (confluence/jira) as long as you have a way to interface to each system. Does confluence/jira expose webservice? If they do expose, then you could call these services to integrate.

Another thing of concern is that webMethods is quite pricey. Not sure whether a medium size customer who uses jira/confluence would like to buy webMethods as such for the sake of integration. I think Mule would be a more viable option. The neat thing about using a middleware tool such as webMethods is because of its monitoring capability. You could drill down to per transaction to see whether it's successful or not with neat images presented. I guess you just have to find similar product in Mule. I think Mule has this product that functions like a business manager to do this monitoring (I think Kynan wrote it).

Good luck!