Saturday, May 24, 2008

Experience on WebMethod (Part 1)

Several days ago, my boss (read: my company) gave me a short course on webmethod. This tool is used for integration. Very nice word, it sounds so elegant. However, in the first time I learn this tool, I felt so difficult to learn. Why? because I was not really familiar with the documentation. Besides, there are not a lot of people using this tool. After several days struggling on getting familiar with the flow steps, I can finish all of the exercises that I got from my company.

Last night, I was doing research on how to integrate with flow steps written in Java. Damn, I get an error message saying that no compiler found (this is not the real message). After reading, I found that I need to put a path to the compiler in system path. After making changes on it, I get another error message saying that I need to compile the resource (What the heck !!!!). I was desperate. I thought I had put the correct path and the previous error had been solved. After several hours playing around with the compiler path, I found that I have to use WM compiler instead of my own compiler which is a java compiler that I installed on my PC. Huuuuhh.... succkksss....

In order to make your Java code compiled and run correctly, you need to put compiler bundled by WM. It is located at /jvm/win142/bin. Just put the path into your System path. Then everything works fine.

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sweet said...

haha..this guy did help me much..
Thanx Arie!!! ^_6