Sunday, August 17, 2008

data source class used by IS to connect to database

Today, I am exploring webmethods regarding JDBC adapter. In my local machine, I have only 2 DBMS, which are MySQL and sql server 2005 express edition. Huehuehue.... as you know they are free and I can learn a lot from a free thing :P. Anyway, I had a problem today regarding connection to those DBMS.

This blog tells you about data source class that I use to create connection to MySQL and SQL server 2005 express edition.

However, I was trying to find out what is the class to connect to MySQL and sql server. I found a site talking about it. It says that I need to put datasource class like the following and it works fine:


However, I still could not find any site saying about SQL server 2005. Then, I look around to jar file and I found the following class:


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