Saturday, May 30, 2009

TargetClassLoaderTransactionProxyFactoryBean vs TransactionProxyFactoryBean

I had an experience on some error which tells me that the Confluence cannot find the interface that I use for TransactionProxyFactoryBean, interface is needed by this class to perform transaction. I checked on my code and directory where my code is compiled, to see whether the interface that Confluence complains to, does actually exist or not.

Checking those things, I was sure that all the things are there, but Confluence keeps complaining about the error. Then, I asked uncle google and found a jira issue saying about Confluence's bug regarding this matter. It also says about the replacement class of TransactionProxyFactoryBean which is TargetClassLoaderTransactionProxyFactoryBean. After changing this class, all the things are working fine. It seems that there is a classloader problem (it is definitely as Confluence cannot find the class file :P )

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