Thursday, July 16, 2009

social repository Github

Today, I just got a way on how to checkout a code in github. well, let me introduce what is github actually. it is a repository for community. Yeah, you can sign up yourself in the following address:

I have registered myself in the following:

Well, you will see a few test project there. Well, as I am noob, it should be not a matter. :D

However, this repository is quite unique compare to the others. it provides you almost the same featurea as subversion, the only thing which makes this different is about the command. The command's name is different. Just a few things are the same.

The thing that I did is to clone a project of yql-tables from spullara and then try to perfom add and edit on this clone project. Well, it is successfully being updated there. What does this mean? it means I can start to develop my plugin as yahoo service can reach open table in github.

Yatta!!! the next plugin will be coming shortly.

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