Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maximo Authentication

When user login to maximo, Maximo has its own way on doing authentication process. Well, i think its bad. Why do i say so? maximo does have flag for toggling purpose between lookup to db or LDAP and akin. but, it seems that its no use.

Here is the way maximo doing some authentication.

Maximo doing lookup against the db first, if there is no result of looking up the db, then the process will lookup to the ldap. But, before doing lookup, it will see the flag of "useAppServerSecurity". If it is true, then its going to find the ldap for the entered user.

There is a few thing on my mind regarding this process.

1. the process is not efficient. Why? because maximo will lookup the db before lookup to the others. If it has a flag, then why dont use the flag for toggling purpose.
2. if user wants to migrate, then user should migrate all the user in maxuser to the repository of choice.

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