Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maximo Webservice Interaction

Currently, I am engaged in project of Astra Daihatsu Motors to implement Maximo. This company currently implement SAP for their Finance. This is quite interesting to deal with. You may know that SAP has PI (Process Integration), while Maximo got MEA/MIF for the integration framework. SAP is implemented by AGIT (it may stand for Astra Graphia IT, not sure). You know when the first, we had a meeting with SAP team. We asked them to use DB as the endpoint for our integration. Surprisingly, they said that SAP cannot be configured to have DB as the endpoint. Uhhmmm, well, I had a thought that "is the SAP which has a very dull Integration component or is it about their capability of SAP implementation?".Well, I think is not the problem of SAP as SAP is a huge complex enterprise application which is not supposed to incapable of having such integration.

Hahaha, after the discussion, we, Maximo team, had a discussion regarding the SAP team. and yes, it was as what I thought. With all those stupid people, how could it be possible for AGIT to not know the way.

Ok, let's continue with the topic of this blog. After having discussion, we both agree that we gonna use webservice and yes, we, Maximo Team, are the one who perform most of the configuration -.-" (while we had a talk before the meeting that we gonna asked them to do the work most, mission failed...hahaha). Ok, then in Maximo we had Interaction diagram which can be used to do the work. As we do not need to perform any code to use this. This feature is very handy in this situation. Just doing configuration and not coding. Very nice of Maximo Feature here (I should get credit for this). But the bad news is that this feature cannot deal with SOAP which require header in the request. You will get an error of axis (I forget the error message). But, it may be fulfilled if I do some coding in the mapping class in the Interaction (I havent tried this anyway but will try later).

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anurag4444 said...

hi Arie ,

I need to integrate any third party tool with maximo 7.5 using web service. Can u provide me a document or road map for same . thanks in advance.

V helpful blog for new maximo developers. Great efforts