Saturday, June 27, 2009

installation of sharepoint

I have been struggling a lot with this freaking tool. Why do I say so, because its really really freaking me out. My purpose is to set up SSO using sso service bundled with MOSS. Its

The first time I experienced the problem of the domain name. Then, I googled a lot, I found a page saying that we cant have domain name more than 15 characters??!!! What the ???!!! And then i changed the domain of my AD successfully. This way, I faced another problem which I dont understand what is the problem actually :D. Its about network administration thing. If I had to learn about the administration thing, it would take quite some time to learn. I need to consider about the time that i have. So, I left this way.

After thinking that this way seems to be impossible, then I moved to another way which is to remove the domain of domain controller. Because this machine is only 1 machine as a domain controller. After removing the domain controller of course, many applications which deal with domain will have a problem, not excluded sharepoint. So, after removing domain, I definitely need to create a new domain.

Oww yeah, I forgot to say about the tool used to remove and create domain in my windows server 2003. The tool is dcpromo. This tool is bundled with your Windows server 2003, if you cant find it. You can google and download it. :P

After creating the domain (a shorter name, of course), what I did is to remove and reinstall my sharepoint as I am afraid that there is something may crash or something. So, I reinstalled sharepoint. I faced a problem here as well :P *problems never stop coming*. So, what was I facing is about installing this darn application from my vm of windows server 2003. You need to install manually another sql server instance which name is officeservers. Because, sharepoint needs this database with this fix name *it seems they use a constant on this db, im not sure anyway :P*. After installing this database, the installation went smooth and it says that it is completely installed. But...... *there is a "but" coming* I got another problem still. So, it was a "not enough permission" problem. I had been googling a lot to find solution for this problem. Some people suggest editing regedit and creating a new user (all of this suggestions can be found by googling). This way didnt work. So, the last thing that I did are:
- I switched to use administrator account.
- I changed service account in sharepoint. You can have a look on the following figure.

- Put the name of administator account on the SSO service as I have configured in the above step.

taraaaaa................ All things work fine.... after all.....

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