Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today, I asses the feasibility of NotificationMessage plugin that I want to develop. What does this plugin do is simple, just message ur team mates. The message itself can be email or message which is stored in local data.

One thing that I asses is about how to store the data in Confluence if it is in the form of message. If it is possible I dont really like to put it as property or more complex data. Usually, plugin developer will store the data in OS_PROPERTYENTRY (if the data is about property) or BANDANA (if the data is a more complex data, usually it is an object representative). I just want to put it as a normal page or news. Lucky me, that Confluence designs its object in a elegant way. News and Page are inherited from AbstractPage. I can foretell that Message class of mine can be inherited from the same AbstractPage. I just need to specify the content type. The same thing happens to user updates feature which people say as "Twitter a like".

I could not find any class to represent user update in Confluence core code, but I could find the entry of this class in the database. It must be somewhere in the plugin which represent this entry. I will do the same thing anyway.

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