Monday, November 16, 2009

Building and Running shindig source on eclipse

Well, running or debugging any java sources managed by maven inside eclipse is as easy as running any simple application in eclipse. The only thing that you need is maven integration plugin. This is a super power plugin when your application deal a lot with maven. I just started to fall in love with eclipse instead of his competitor, Intellije IDEA, which always falls on the error of classpath. I need to delete the current working space and then rebuild it again. Its very annoying.

Yeps, maybe better to tell you a bit story of using this IDEA, a very lame tool to develop your application. The slogan should not be "Develop with pleasure", but it should be "Develop with pressure" instead. Many people agree with this slogan. Perhaps, we really need to tell them this new slogan. I have been using this IDEA to develop and learn about Confluence and JIRA source. However, everyday, I restart my computer, it always fall on the classpath error. It says that it cannot find xxx class while yesterday i build it without any problem. Then, the only thing that I can do is to build it again. It takes a lot of time indeed. Thus, I recommend you for not using IDEA to develop your application. It will only give you pressure because you spend a lot of time to rebuild your source.

Anyway, back to eclipse. I am using this tool to build, running and debugging the source of shindig. Yeps, it is pretty much easy. You just need to install the plugin on this url:

well, you should get the list of plugins need to be installed. Just pick the core and then installed and restart your eclipse after finishing the installation. After that, you can simply open debug configuration and then create a maven command to run your source. You can use any maven plugin, I have used jetty and tomcat for the tries.

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