Saturday, November 14, 2009

SSO (Single Sign On) for JIRA and Confluence

I just developed an SSO application which is built on mule. This SSO can be plugged in the application which is using seraph as its security framework. The 2 greats Atlassian's product which are Confluence and JIRA uses seraph, as its security framework. Thus, this SSO can be applied to these products.

Basically, the idea of this SSO are:

  • to use a middleware to store a data on regard of user's authentication, The middleware that I use is mule as it is free and open source. So, people can use it.
  • to use the existing user framework which is used in seraph to perform authentication. Seraph, by default, uses osuser as its user management framework. However, as we can customize and plug any authenticator to seraph. This would make the authentication is more dynamic to perform. The authentication definitely needs user management framework to perform its task by comparing the credential in database against the input that use provides.
As of now, i still need to clean the code and doing some automation to ease the installation.

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