Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Do you know guys an application named Crowd. Yesterday, I tried this stuff and I think the idea behind this application, is pretty much cool. With only 1 application, you can delegate your user management to this god damned application. Besides, this application can be used as an SSO (Single Sign On) application to all applications which have been integrated with Crowd.

You can centralize your user management to only 1 application. The user can be created, edited from Crowd. I have tried this on Confluence. Confluence is knowledge management system developed by Atlassian. When I was integrating Crowd and Confluence, I found that it is very easy to perform this integration.

But i am not sure to use a custom application to use it. not sure whether it works or not. Can this application manage any users from a custom application. If so, there should be a convention on developing a custom application.

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