Monday, July 14, 2008

Get back to my hometown

Today is my last day in this week in my company. Hehehe, a bit confusing right? I feel that I cannot wait any longer to go back to my hometown. Meet my family, my cousin and my friends. I cannot imagine what it would like. I m hoping that I could be refreshed after going back to my hometown. Really, this is what I want to, this is what I meant to. My working here is not meant only for working and get a money. There is other purpose what I am here.

Beside attending my cousin's marriage, I need to finish my left task in my home town. Hehehe, as usual of me, always leaving something behind. One of the thing left behind, is giving back the stuffs that I have borrowed :P. What the hell!!!!..... My bad.

If you are an expatriate and moreover this is your first overseas traveling. You will feel what I feel. A very hard homesickness is one of the purpose why do I want to go back. Hehehe...... May be what I feel cannot be imagine by anyone who has never felt like what I feel. That's all what I want to write now. I m hoping that getting back to my hometown will recharge my spirit, will refresh my mind. Thus, I will be getting back to be myself. As an ambitious man, as a very hardworker man.

Amien!!!! Amiennnn!!!!

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