Thursday, July 10, 2008

SQL server backup restoration

Several days ago, I tried to restore a SQL server backup file to a just-created DB in my local. Actually, I am not really good on SQL server. Even performing restoration or backup, I had never tried them before. Moreover, I really hate about this product because it takes a lot of resource (memory, hardisk space, cpu) in my computer thus, I dont have any chance to learn it.

However, in order to perform SQL backup, you can do it easily in SQL server Management studio. But for restoration, somehow it fails performing it in management studio. I got a very annoying error message. Thus, another way that i can think of is, through console. I perform backup through the following command.

restore database DatabaseName
from file ""
with replace

For more detail about the query, please refer to the microsoft's site. If you want to have the real script, I would be happy to provide it.

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