Monday, April 7, 2008

Hardware Information for audit usage

yuhuu.... In the end I can find a way to retrieve hardware information... I am going to write a Confluence plugin using JMX which shows hardware information. I think it is very useful for a big company which want to have a good documentation regarding to their inventories. By using this plugin company can see their inventories which are distributed in remote area (as long as they are connected with internet :P).

However, yesterday I have done research about how to retrieve hardware information, but I found that Java does not provide you with such feature and the only way is go through platform specific API but it will make me difficult in writing this plugin... and finally I found some API that is used for retrieving hardware information even I thought it is using the same idea as I mentioned but at least this API provides an interface to get what I want regardless what platform I am using.

Now, I am going to give a try on the API. Hopefully, it can meet what I want.

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